My Directorial Debut!!!  KARMA

Gia Yee's KARMA is pop-reggae single with an evocative and soulful vibe, incorporating dancehall, and hip-hop rhythms and beats. Scenes from the movie 'Sisters', were infused into Gia Yee's music video to bring added life and drama to this all too familiar theme of deception, betrayal, and opportunistic motivations. Filmed by Dameon Gayle of Warrior Films JA, and directed by Vivian Fleming Alvarez, KARMA is catchy and riveting.

                                               Que Sera Sera

Gia Yee's QUE SERA is an upbeat pop-reggae single infused with smooth jazz undertones and danceable rhythm. The music video includes reminiscent footage from old family films, which intertwines with it's lyrical message. QUE SERA juxtaposes the past with the present, and suggests that life's experiences somehow shape who we are, and although we may not know what the future holds, it will ultimately 'be what it will be'. This uplifting single, suggest letting go of what's past, and embracing the gift of the present.